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Rainmen Support System

Rainmen offers a powerful support system for successful entrepreneurship within Breakthrough Management:

  • An honest enterprise formula in which freedom and connection are central.
  • A strong brand – ‘the breakthrough company’ – with an impressive portfolio of client breakthroughs and a sophisticated lead-generation approach.
  • A powerful learning system in which we continually develop each other’s skills in supervision, advice, interim management, training and coaching within the fields of breakthrough management and transformation.
  • A solid team offering each other support without rescue and addressing each other’s behaviour without judgement.

A meticulous assessment is vital to determine whether you, our clients and Rainmen are a match. Naturally, we will examine your history as a manager and/or entrepreneur and the reputation you have built up with employers and/or clients. However, your current mental and emotional state is much more important. After all, this determines how intuitively you can recognise the crux of transformation issues and how effectively you resist being sucked into negative cultural or behavioural patterns within client organisations.

Do you hear your mind (mental), feelings (emotional) or body (physical) telling you to come into action? If so, we would like to invite you to a sparring session on the roots of Rainmen entrepreneurship!

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