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Experience session

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We want to invite you for a free, no-obligation experience session. Rainmen assists organisations in achieving sustainable change n a short time-period, based on the firm conviction that encouraging other collaborative behaviours is the key to results.

Start your change today

Experience for yourself how Rainmen can change your team or organisation and register for a Rainmen experience session. We have translated two important parts of our method – ambition and cooperative behaviour – into two refreshing introductory sessions. Choose the session you want your team or organisation to focus on and experience how different collaborative behaviour can lead to better results. We offer you this valuable session free of charge, at your location or in ours.
We warmly welcome you to attend!

Available sessions for you to choose from

The ambition of your team or organisation

  • Identify and focus together on what your ambition is and how you want to move towards it in the coming year;
  • Experience how a clear purpose enables you to act decisively and get moving;
  • Work as an efficient, effective and energetic team.

Collaborative behaviour within your team

  • Learn together and experience how everything you do can align with your desired results. Helping without saving, and addressing without judging;
  • Insight into the human behaviour of individuals and groups in changing circumstances;
  • Learning how to deal with this (yourself);
  • Work as an efficient, effective and energetic team.

Request an Experience session