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We believe in leaders at every level working together to do everything it takes to realise a successful transformation: authentic and connected with a complete focus on results.

Unexpected competitors suddenly appearing. Digitisation. Declining customer loyalty. New legislation, new rules. All of these factors impact the organisation, and the need to respond is huge.
But the organisation has been taken by surprise. Fatigue sets in. Energy levels drop. The focus on what is truly important gets lost. Too much management, not enough leadership. Time for a transformation!

Transformation the Rainmen way means working together for guaranteed and measurable results.
Our approach is characterised by rapid reinforcement of courageous leadership at all levels within the organisation. Working together cross-functionally to achieve a common goal. Working safely yet uncomfortably to solve the real issues. Addressing each other’s behaviour without judgement. Support without rescue. Building and maintaining momentum by avoiding perfectionism. Developing the core competence of proactive recovery. And celebrating progress and successes so that managers and employees develop the courage and willingness to rapidly adopt new behaviour.

We implement a transformation system in which everybody can count on one another. A system that will remain standing long after we have left and upon which the organisation can build.

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Every transformation programme kicks off with an ‘accountability assessment’. The goal of this assessment is to get a clear picture of the naked truth and to crystallise the collective desire to improve into a clear ambition. Together, we will then plan the pathway to achieving significant transformational momentum within 9-12 months.

Our secret? No reports, just pure action. New behaviour and a goal-oriented, cooperative environment in which people can count on one another. Personal, in teams and cross-functional. Our complete focus on results helps transform your organisation.

Rainmen provides the ‘architects’ needed to develop your transformation programme, maintain momentum and guarantee results. Whenever necessary, we reinforce the change by temporarily appointing breakthrough managers to key positions within your organisation. We also help develop your managers into true Leaders in Change!