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“We believe in leaders at every level working together to do everything needed to realise a successful transformation and to collectively prove that it can be done!”

The development of leaders has always been important. However, the current breakneck speed of change means that modern leadership has become a precondition to success. While managers are concerned with existing knowledge, control and the ‘known’, leaders are willing to embrace the unknown and take the lead in realising transformation.

Leaders at All Levels was developed to mobilise this skill at every organisational level. This increases your organisation’s ability to act quickly and decisively upon external opportunities and threats.

The Rainmen approach to Leadership:

  • …is not part of a job description, it’s a choice that anyone can make regardless of their position in the organisation.
  • …is daring to do what it takes to avoid being ruled by circumstances: the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.
  • …is about having the guts to see and feel how things truly are: authenticity and connection.
  • …is about working together cross-functionally with other leaders focusing on what is truly important.
  • …is about having a full focus on results, celebrating successes and proving to everyone that it can be done!
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Rainmen offers 5 Leadership Expeditions that can be conducted collectively or individually depending on your needs. The various expeditions focus on ‘leadership in transformation’ at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation. The underlying modules are part of the Accountability philosophy of Mark Samuel (USA), which we are collectively introducing to the European market.

The key to accountability is a complete focus on results.

Our secret? No reports, just pure action and momentum from the start. Courageous leadership for organisations and individuals that are always on the move.

How well-developed is leadership in your organisation?

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completed breakthrough projects

progress in collective execution behaviour

progress in relations

And all of this within just 6-12 months

Expedition I
for ‘Business Leaders’

Boards and upper management will work together as a team of business leaders, take command over implementation and organisational change, collectively manage the strategic breakthrough projects for success and coach their own managers in accountable behaviour.

Expedition II
for ‘Team Leaders’

The middle managers provide the engine of accelerated cultural change. They translate the strategy into concrete breakthrough projects in the workplace to bring about the desired behaviour.

Expedition III
for ‘Informal Leaders’

Above-average professionals with an energetic focus on clients, strategy and organisational change mobilise power to change in the workplace, and to prove to their colleagues that it can be done.

Expedition IV
for ‘Future Leaders’

‘High potentials’ – the leaders of tomorrow – will use their courage and confidence to solve problem issues, and to change crucial cooperation patterns making the organisation more successful and flexible.

Expedition V
for ‘Breakthrough Leaders’

A cross-functional breakthrough team of managers and professionals from different departments will successfully push for strategic breakthroughs that could not have been achieved using the old approach.

Expedition VI
for ‘Mindful Leaders’

The expedition for Mindful Leaders was developed to optimise your physical, mental and emotional fitness. You will worry less about things going wrong and you will learn to enjoy yourself more, especially in tense and stressful situations.