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Every change is stressful, unique and complex. Especially in times of change, you need a professional who’s standing beside you on the battlefield and maintains focus on the ultimate goal, even in times of maximum stress.

Why hire a Rainmen interim professional?
Rainmen’s interim professionals are leaders who will motivate your team to explore beyond their comfort zone, address the issues that truly matter and enable your team to get more out of themselves than they ever thought possible. They are breakthrough specialists who use the team’s mental power to overcome obstacles without losing momentum. In our approach, failing to achieve the results is simply not done.

How do we work?
We always work according to our verified accountability approach. The key to this approach is a complete focus on results. Within teams, we focus all of the energy on ambition and immediate implementation of new behaviour. This helps to create goal-oriented cooperation in which people can count on one another. Our secret? No reports, just pure action.

Could you use a temporary Leader in Change? If so, feel free to contact us without obligations!

What do our clients use our services for?

  • Results: Our focus on the inextricable connection between behaviour and results ensures that the desired project results are achieved. Always. Guaranteed.
  • Momentum: Our professionals have the courage to start the ball rolling and take the first steps necessary to generate continual momentum.
  • Clarity: We address your complex business issues with refreshingly clear perspective and focus. We know what you need right now to achieve your desired results.
  • Energy: Our focus on ambition and new cooperative behaviour creates a highly contagious energy that spreads quickly throughout the organisation.

What do our clients use our services for?
Our clients make use of our interim professionals for three purposes:

  1. Project/programme management: to set up and execute crucial projects/programmes and to guarantee results.
  2. Functional leadership: to temporarily lead one or more teams, departments or business units.
  3. Project/team membership: to add seniority and momentum during the execution of projects.
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