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Generating momentum and acceleration that results in guaranteed leadership and change processes. That is what we are good at. 

Using our experience, our enjoyable eccentricity and our measurably proven accountability approach, Rainmen helps clients to break out of ruts. We break patterns and habits that prevent you or your team from realising success and identify the real issues at the heart of the matter. All of the energy is focused on ambition, results and immediate implementation of new behaviour.

What does this achieve?
Courageous leadership for organisations and individuals that are always on the move. Connection with people and the market. Grip on growth and the future.

And all of this within just 6-12 months!

The key to accountability is a complete focus on results. All of the energy is devoted to accelerated development of effective behaviour in order to realise a flexible, result-oriented organisational culture.

Our secret? No reports, just pure action. New behaviour and a goal-oriented, cooperative environment in which people can count on one another. Personal, in teams and cross-functional.

Why is this necessary?
The approach is based on the principle that we are all human. We’re talented and imperfect, and we’re not robots. All successful business change is preceded by personal change. A culture characterised by fear, difficult communication and conflicts of interest prevents the organisation from building up momentum. In a nutshell, if you truly want to break the pattern, then it’s time to change your behaviour. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

‘What do you mean “Be accountable”?
The ability, willingness and courage to change attitudes and behaviours to achieve desired outcomes.’

– Mark Samuel.

Our services

Interim managers who contribute more than just their own talents and expertise. An extensive network of leaders in change. Refreshing leaders who quickly create momentum and inspire leadership in others. Distinctive approach and results.

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Momentum and acceleration resulting in guaranteed leadership and transformation processes. Leadership in a rapidly changing environment based on the conviction that change can only be achieved by a total approach with a complete focus on results.

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Are you an amateur or a professional? A manager or a leader? Managers are concerned with existing knowledge, control and the ‘known’. Leaders are willing to embrace the unknown. Rainmen’s expeditions are for leaders at every level.

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