From strategy to results. Doing whatever is needed.

About Rainmen

Rainmen helps organizations to convert strategy into results. We guide all parts of the change needed to achieve that – from leadership development to team coaching and behavioral change.

We help you to make clear choices that produce valuable results. Choices that can free what is stuck, move what has become stagnant and clarify what is unclear. That way your strategy delivers visible results within 6 months.

From strategy to results

Spot opportunities in the market

Do competitors determine your market position, or do you? Embrace whatever it takes to cement your own place. We challenge you to make clear choices and to focus on your strategy. Has your path been determined already? Then we will ensure that your employees take concrete steps to contribute to the visibility of your brand.

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Continue to meet the digital wishes of your customers

Digital transformation requires new technology and a new way of organising. The success of this transformation is largely determined by human factors such as skills, behaviour and methods of collaboration. An approach that avoids paralysis through perfection will help you to remain relevant well into the future.

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Your clients as ambassadors

Improve customer experience, and your customers will provide you with free advertising. Whether they are dealing with marketing, support or finance; your customers expect the same level of knowledge and service throughout your organisation. We show you how you can achieve this with cross-team collaboration.

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Leadership at all levels

Leadership is required at all levels. Even self-managing teams need guidance. To be able to respond quickly to social developments as a healthcare organisation, it is essential that all levels within the organisation can work autonomously and that output is not continuously monitored. This is our starting point for fostering steady growth toward achieving reliable results.

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Employees who radiate your brand values

Let them bridge the gap between brand, role and customer. If your employees genuinely believe in the identity of your organisation and propagate it, it sends a compelling signal to your consumers in the outside world. Together with your employees, we translate this brand identity into their role and behaviours, and ultimately into a clear customer experience.

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A merger with added value for the professional

Let the people of the content shape the changes together. Give them a challenging assignment that contributes to their ambition. Cross-team organisational cooperation requires courage and a willingness to adjust their behaviour and attitudes, bringing it in line with shared goals. We offer your professionals structure, support and challenges so that they can do whatever is necessary to accomplish a successful merger or acquisition.

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Clear results speak for themselves

Our approach

Sometimes uncomfortable, but always delivers results

Collaborative behaviour is the key to achieving good results, and deciding what these results should be is the first choice to make. Once your collective ambitions have been determined, your team will instinctively choose the behaviours they need to practice and improve. This is how we bring your strategy into focus and achieve concrete results. And once this is complete? Your team benefits from renewed focus, energy, and the ability to working together rapidly.

Every question is unique and requires an equally unique approach. Whether we choose to utilise one service or combine different services into one program, we possess the resources and expertise to help you find the right solution. We do whatever it takes, as long as it resolves your issues and ensures measurable results.

Our services

Strategy implementation

A powerful program tailor-made to achieve rapid strategic results.

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Breakthrough teams

Our successful team development program guarantees measurable improvements in collaboration, implementation and results within six months.

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Leadership process

In-depth, personal development of managers and leaders so that they can make a maximum contribution to the successful implementation of your strategies.

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Workshops & training

Targeted sessions to accelerate the implementation of critical parts of your strategy.

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Interim & project management

We can provide an energetic and decisive leader to temporarily do what is necessary to achieve results within your department or project.

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Strategy advice

We help you make crystal clear choices and turn your ambitions into a practical and feasible strategy.

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Consultancy agency for strategy execution

Rainmen is a strategy execution agency that guides organisations in change processes, leadership development and behavioural change. Our consultants help teams and organisations to make clear choices based on the firm conviction that embracing different collaborative behaviours is the key to results. Clear, logical, structured, and sometimes difficult choices are made that ultimately produce results. When you choose Rainmen, you select an experienced management consultancy with proven experience in various sectors. Why not see for yourself and book an experience session for you and your team? Are you an independent consultant with love for strategy implementation and behavioural change? Then contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Strategy execution

Strategy execution, or strategy implementation, includes a series of specific services offered by Rainmen. This includes guidance on cultural change in mergers and acquisitions, leadership training, digital transformation, self-managing organisations, behavioural change, setting ambitions, personal accountability and ownership. By focusing on the people who will implement the strategy, we transform abstract processes into personal goals. Breakthrough teams led by us achieve measurable improvements in cross-functional collaboration within six months. In the leadership trajectory, you learn to turn your team change into success. Do you need extra attention to specific issues in your strategy? We can focus on these critical components in targeted workshops and training courses. Rainmen also provides energetic and bold interim leaders who can assist you in change processes. Our strategic advice helps you turn ideas into concrete steps toward better results. We can extract the essence of your strategy and provide you with a clear roadmap.

The accountability method

Every choice you make is in line with achieving the desired result, including collaborative behaviour. Effective collaborative behaviour either stands or falls with the ability to embrace it and take personal responsibility. Our method clarifies the different roles and responsibilities within the team so that each team member knows how he or she contributes effectively to achieve your collective ambitions. The accountability method helps you to forge powerful leadership through all layers of your organisation. It also puts emphasis on the customer first, for example, during digital transformation so that you are continuing to meet their digital wishes. Are you working on a stronger market position, improved customer experience, or creating added value for your employees? The accountability method lets you make clear choices that lead to better results. Within 6 to 12 months, we convert your strategy into concrete results with lasting value for your organisation.